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A radio piece by esteemed NPR correspondent, Robert Krulwich, used to prevent dead air when something goes wrong.

Coined by NPR's Bryant Park Project:

"An emergency Krulwich is a radio piece, any radio piece, by (...) Robert Krulwich. Krulwiches are always fascinating, amazingly well-produced, thought-provoking, and...long.

Matt keeps our emergency Krulwiches locked in a secret bunker beneath BPP world headquarters. He's the only one with the code and the weighty responsibility of deciding when to deploy.

Let me make plain at this point that we don't only use our Krulwiches in emergency situations. Sometimes they make perfect thematic sense and we use them on purpose. Sometimes we just can't resist using them because they're so good.

But sometimes, it's an emergency."

"This morning's guest is a no-show. We have to deploy the emergency Krulwich."
by bb_mke July 14, 2008
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