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The action of a woman who seizes her partner’s erect penis in order to divert it from the location or orifice towards which it was directed by her amorous partner, towards a preferred location or orifice.
"Hi Marlene, can you pass the coffee? Did you shout out in the night? What was wrong?”

“Sorry Fenella, Tommy was about to come on my face, but I’d washed my hair last night, so I did a rapid emergency handbrake turn so he could spaghetti hose my tits.”

“Wooo - don’t give me gussetrickle, I love going to sleep with creamed boobies! “

“Me too, and the tight feeling on my nips when I wake up. Sometimes I can't bear to shower and go to work with his special scent on me!"
by Katie4eyes June 26, 2018
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