Meaning handbrake in English, there is no apparent reason for it to be called an emergency handbrake; as there isn’t often a emergency situation where it would be a good idea to lock up the back wheels. Smarter Americans call it a parking brake.
Yeee haw, I’m gonna park up and use the emergency brake to secure my car ya’ll.
by Jack February 22, 2005
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You idiot, It's called a hand brake it the UK, and 'smarter americans'? what a joke! who's stupider that americans? apart from donkeys?. No-one! that's right, you're the idiot.
You'll never drift round that corner without using the handbrake
by Jack March 20, 2005
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When you're banging a chick from behind and she grabs your dick and yanks it up to her ass, similar to how one would engage a traditional parking brake on a car.
"Yeah so Im fucking this chick from behind, she yells "EMERGENCY BRAKE!" and next thing I know its in her ass!
by Denver Martini October 05, 2020
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