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A person with a nice ass, small chest, and a curvy waist. They're typically kinky as fuck but always shy as hell. they have a hard time making friends but everyone adores them. Emalith's can be back stabbing but can also be the most caring and loving person you'll ever meet. they're very clingy and will always hook themselves on you in some way when you're dating them. they love to shower their significant others with hugs and kisses. They take breakups hard but use their friends to get over it. They almost always have someone trying to go for them but they typically don't care. They're lazy and sleep all the time. They love to take naps/ cuddle with people they're close too. Emalith's are artistic and love to express their emotions with painting/ drawing them with other people or even by themselves. they love to make their friends laugh and also give almost anything away if it makes their friend happy. they're very giving and will do almost anything for anyone who asks.
Hey meet my new friend, Emalith!
by ShawtyGiraffe December 26, 2017
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