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Someone far too great for this world. Elrisha is an extremely talented beauty who has many opportunities set out for her in life. She has the ability to understand what a person is like just by speaking to them once. She is foreseen to be successful in whatever occupation that she pursues. She never gives up on her loved ones. Those with the name Elrisha are winners in life.
I feel like im not good enough to talk to Elrisha since im not as talented as she is...
by Norisaidyesthistime December 31, 2019
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She is so unique that there is no definition for her. She is smart, determined, talented and just downright awesome. She brings a light of joy to anyone she's around but she doesn't need to be around people. The ultimate human; everyone wished they could be as selfish and selfless as her, as motivated.
I wish I was as awesome as Elrisha.
by (:yougonedie:) December 31, 2019
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