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Town between AL & TN. U blink, it's gone. The place is whacked with a lot of thugs and wanna be gangtas but are simple little rednecks without a clue. Boys driving Big boy toys and can't handle the little hotrod play toys. The females are wild,crazy, and mean as rattlesnakes but they have to be cause they all misunderstood because they can drink way more beer than any of the males can. May be why 1/2 has more than just junk in their trunk. As Long as you stay clear of the creepers. There's creepers, crackheads, or metheads! Like with many places but this place is so small, you know everyone. If you think they are, they probably are but the teens aren't. That's a good thing. It's normally a mid 20-40yrs old thing. Close knit town, Bible Thumpers, everyone knows everyone and their business kind of town. They even know who gets welfare and how much. Ask any of them. They are always gossiping and can tell you everyone's family history. It's all good cause we always back each other up. Also, many great people in Elkmont. Not just bad and gossip. A place where they will make you feel at home and everyone's friendly.
When you go to Elkmont, be ready for a colorful side of life. People don't care what color you are, they just want to party with you or sit down and feed you. Whatever you're there for.

Elkmont kids are spoiled, loud, and proud! It's ok because people assume they're just stupid rednecks because they admit to being redneck. They're far from stupid! The girls are so cute too! Cuties with them booties!
by missyBB November 02, 2011
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