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A rare breed of hillbilly (can be male or female) from Elkton, MD usually having some form of genetic inbred mutation specific to this region. How will you know when you’ve spotted one – they’ll pull up to Wal-Mart in a 89 Honda Civic with a can muffler, rims stolen off a 93 Civic, a wing mounted to the trunk that belongs on Formula 1 car, tinted windows that match the color primer the car is painted (tint and paint was purchased from Wal-Mart and they put it on), sound system (also purchased from Wal-Mart) bumpin to Eazy E-Boyz in the Hood, a skinny white boy gets out with pants down to his knees, wearing cowboy boots, a hoodie and hat that says git er done.
Man, that guy in Wal-Mart today was a definite elkabilly!
by choochoocachoo December 03, 2010
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