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Also referred to as: E-Ville. Small town in Pennsylvania about 40 minutes north of Harrisburg, in an area labeled "The Valley". There are signs welcoming you at every end of the town that nobody looks at. The only businesses are gas stations, about 15 bars, five retirement homes, and a factory where they make screen doors. In 2006, Wal-Mart is pissing their money down the drain and opening up a store on the east end of town. If you are driving through Elizabethville, watch out because half the town will open up their car doors in the path of your moving vehicle. The only place to hang out is a driving range....check that, there is nowhere to hang out in Elizabethville. Also home to a State Police barracks with cops that have nothing else better to do than harass law-abiding citizens and make this place even shittier than it already is.
Person 1: Hey, lets go to Elizabethville.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Beacuse its better than humping a cat.
Person 2: Are you sure?
by PeoplesChoice March 31, 2006
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