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Elhannah is a beautiful girl with a colorful/stylish fashion sense. She naturally brings life and energy to everything and everyone around her. They have the biggest most beautiful eyes that you will surly get lost in no matter how hard you try. Her body isn't even her best feature but it is always her temple and is taken care of. She is very considerate and will asses the situation before coming to a conclusion. You can always count on Ehannah's Smile to make you feel better even on your worse day. She is also very Loyal and Loving which makes her an automatic first choice for relationships. Elhannah is forgiving and can understand/ relate to many situations. You will often see Elhannah putting someone else's needs and start to sway away her own. She will always be a great friend but an even better Girlfriend.
I'm tired of all of these basic girls I need an Elhannah
by Jakson November 16, 2016
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