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Elfadin: A term used in World of Warcraft for a newbie bloodelf player who hasn't a clue about what they are doing. These players are identified by using the wrong flasks, changing gender frequently, changing mains more frequently, killing hampsters, drinking from their fish tanks and peeing in bottles. Other quantifiers are incessant giggle fits of any profane word. Ex. "The Lich King can suck my Indian Dick" or "Motherfuckingcockstrokingdipshittedzombiephile". If giggling commences then you have an Elfadin on your hands.
"Look at that Elfadin, hes using an int/sta shield and hes the tank." or "You little Elfadin, why are you using a Bladesedge flask in Black Temple?!"
by Pillowpantsless May 16, 2010
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