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Function: Noun
Pronunciation: \i-ˈle-vən ˈā-tē ˈtü\

An Eleven Eighty-two is an individual of certain body dimensions which cannot be accommodated by conventional seating such as airplane seats or roller-coaster seats. An Eleven Eighty-two requires additional or modified seating space.

The term originated in the south-eastern United States in the early 21st century. Particularly, the term developed in Orlando Florida at the theme park, Universal's Islands of Adventure. It first came into usage as a discrete coded terminology for park employees to identify individuals who could not be accommodated by the attraction's seating.

The term Eleven Eighty-two has become synonymous with an individual who exhibits an unreasonable level of morbid obesity; thus, the requirement for additional or modified seating. It has since entered common vernacular, also as a discrete coded terminology to identify serious fatties. Ironically, however, its wide-spread usage has eliminated the secrecy of the term.
Usage 1) Park attraction operator: "We've got an Eleven Eighty-two in row one. Relocate them to the modified seating in row five."

Usage 2) "I've got the nastiest mobile upload of this Eleven Eighty-two I saw last night. I'm gonna tag you in it."
by Dorian Dark August 03, 2009
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