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- a stack of pancakes with an elephant nose and tail on it
- the best fucking pancakes in the world
- an uber word that when said may make you explode
- an ancient Antarctican recipe using monkey paws to mix together a batter of delicious Chinese gunpowder, cock, Indian beef, Jewish kosher, shit, fingers from the worlds endangered species, swimming foxes, fuck, Emily Dickinson, leaves from leafless trees, bark from barkless dogs, food from the hungry, drink from the thirsty, power from the devil and evil from God, the virginity of Britney Spears, and life from the lifeless planet of Mars that is then cooked on the belly of a sexy caterpillar that just went through puberty on top of the hottest fire on the coldess ice berg and then beatin' into large replicas of the Statue of David by Chuck Norris' third fist and then eaten and digested by Bill Clinton and then crapped out and ready to be served.
- "Damn, Bill Clinton's crap is good! Taste just like elephant pancakes."
- "Psst...Noah say this word I just wrote down." "...elephant pancakes?!?..." KA-BOOM! "Your such an ass Patt..."
- "Dude I just had some elephant pancakes and now all I want to do is fuck you man...get some guy on guy action here!"
- "...How come elephant pancakes aren't even made with elephants...or have anything to do with pancakes for that matter? And why the hell is gunpowder delicious?!?! ...Britney Spears, really?... And how do you get food and drink from those who don't have it in the first place...or life from lifelessness? And since when is fuck an object?!?!?! Dude...Ancient Antarcticans were FUCKING RETARTDS!!!"
- "Where do I find a sexy caterpillar for my elephant pancakes?"
by I need a life... May 23, 2010
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