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Its from Call of Duty BlaCk ops 1,2,3 Zombies, A Meteor or Some type of Element That Makes the Dead Rise Up and Walk around, Founded by The Nazi's AND They Created Group 935 That Tested With Element 115,
Maxis: *clap* Walk Over here, OVER HERE!! *in mind*this should work, Element 115 don't fell me Again* Zombie: Grrrr GHA.. *walks closer* Maxis: Good...Come Closer Zombie: GHA GRRAAA!!! Maxis: It's Alright, Calm Down! Kill it Other Guy: *Shoots zombie* Zombie: GHA! *drops dead on floor* Maxis: Bring me Another!! *static*
by Thatguywhostalksyouatnight February 26, 2017
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