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A highly original and emerging musical subgenre that combines elements of post-hardcore/metalcore/hardcore subgenres with those of the electronica genre for an amazing style of sound.
by silent_platypus May 30, 2008
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Genre of Music.
Sort of like techno.
Mostly used by "Scene kids" and "emo" Kids.
"Fuck, this Electornicore really has me going."
by OMFGcara August 12, 2005
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A musical genre that should not exist. Music that really is not music. Musicians play this type of music when they are arrogent and think they are so original but actually they are pieces of shit.
We Were Alone (Midland Ontario) is totally electronicore.
They are so amazing they suck shit and actually believe their music is good. Actually sounds like elivator music.
by Ethanlarmand May 17, 2007
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