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ElecMan is a a robot master from the Mega Man games. Seen in the first installment, he is also recognized as DLN-008 (DRN in Japan). In game canon, he was built by Dr. Light to work at a power plant, working with human employees to stabalize various sections of the facility. However, he was stolen by Dr. Wily and placed in an electrical tower in an attempt to bring down Monsteropolis's central source of power.

His personality is analyzed as slightly conceited, though level headed and rational. He is often praised as Dr. Light's greatest creation, possibly leading to some of his egotism.
(Either this, or the collective opinion that he is the most difficult in-game robot master.)

He is apparently fond of the electric guitar, according to his CD DATA.
A mix of ElecMan's theme was done by "The Megas", titled "Evolution of Circuitry".

The Megas can be found on Bandcamp. The album they collaborated on with "Entertainment System" contains Evolution of Circuitry's track.
by GYROJERK36 January 20, 2014
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