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100 year old french teacher who is most commonley found in hell. some hear the flapping of her wings from approximately 5 km in the distance. Eats children after most likely abusing them. Has some of the stupidest catch phrases in the history of mankind. Continuously found freaking the fuck out of her students.
Wow did you get your vocal cords ripped out you sound like such an Elaine Major pronouncing peoples names. "aaron, taa, neil, efan, germangeaux"

"What class are you guys?"-Major "are you fucking mentally retarded?"-The class

Careful you'll get left behind when the boat leaves. Who honestly gives a fuck about this.

Too many small holes make a big hole. No.. too many small holes just make a bunch of tiny holes...

Ill make you stay after class. No you fucking wont.

oui? non? oui? non? stfu...

Mme. you're not funny...

Jack the Bear is NOT real.

B-"A has my work", "wtf are you talking about" then she kicks like half the class out.

by neonazi May 09, 2008
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