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A one of a kind goddess that you only come across once in your lifetime. Instantly, her infectious radiance and positivity will have you fasinated. One will become addicted to her because she never has a dull moment and will always keep you intrigued and excited by her unpredictable personality. Extremely gorgeous this woman will have you hooked and it would be impossible to let her go. Her high sex appeal can seduce anyone that she pleases and she gets what she wants. Her glow is the representation of sun and when the she sets, one may fall in a complete trance. Not all men can will be able to handle such a strong dominant woman in their life because shes not the submissive type. ElNinti is truly heaven sent by her mesmerizing eyes and perfect smile. Someone thats a sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare.
I want my wife to be like ElNinti
by ÈL March 13, 2017
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