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A Castilian word used to describe an almost mythical godlike martial artist that hails from the northern regions of Baja Mexico and the Sea of Cortes. Very little is known of this man/myth said to be half Apache and half Mexican. The little that is known comes from first hand accounts and fabled stories. The form of his martial art is not known, what is known is that this form of martial arts is so brutal and dangerous that only a hand full of practitioners have survived the training. In 1997 an eye witness account states a man fighting a raging bull with his bare hands and pummeling the bull into submission. The witness went on record and stated to have visited what is believed to be the legendary training facility known as El Malecon. Three days after this account the witness mysteriously disappeared.
If you are a bad person El Hernan will get you in the night!
by Zepolinc October 16, 2008
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