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To get fucked. To get fucked for a long period of time. To get screwed over. Forced to do anything against your will. Being left out. To fuck a person, place, or thing. To descirbe a situation as shitty. To attempt to kill or get someone killed.

Alternate meaning: To describe someone as a worthless fucktard, shit eating, faggot, goose stepping nazi, asshole, dickhead, dick, pussy, cunt, whore, stupid, reject, queer, anal, cum dumpster, gutter slut, jizz stain, mother fucker, afghan, chai boy, and child molester.

Eiser is an all encompassing term for any and all future curse words.
Man, the boss really eisered me today! I have to work through the weekend!

Sarah got eisered hard at that frat party.

Mitchell is such an eiser when he wakes up.

This is all eisered up!

Wow shes such a fucking eiser.

All those soldiers got eisered by thier commanders decsion.
by Mustang6 May 14, 2012
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