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The act of "transforming" oneself , like becoming skinnier and better looking. They would also change everything like; eating habits, hairstyle(s), dress, they even might omit certain people from their lives to make themselves look better (i.e someone hanging out with people that get in trouble a lot and don't want to be "one of them"), their actions(i.e if your really obnoxious, you settle down and act more mature, and if you are quiet, you act more openly), concentrating more on work(i.e like trying to get a raise or even trying to get a better job) and basically whatever they think will make themselves look better to other people.
Nicole Richie EGOIZED herself by becoming skinner and acting more mature, which made her even more famous.

Mike realized that being the funny fat guy wasn't funny anymore and was going to egoize himself by getting skinny and rub it in everyone's face.
by bgpr March 25, 2007
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