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The name of a men's social club known as the "Ego Boosters", which was founded in Maryland by Lam and Ralph in the mid 1970's. The club's main goal was for the all-male membership to boost the egos of unattractive women by hitting on them every chance they got - especially at bars and clubs. Today, the name is an acronym, as the club now boosts the egos of unattractive women while specifically seeking out nymphomaniacs. So the name now reads "EGO Boosters In Search of NymphS" or "EgoBisons". Membership into this elite club is automatic if you talk to women - even if they are unattractive - in hopes that they might have sex with you.
"Are you an Egobison?"
"Meet you at the club at 11. Its an egobison night!"
"Who's comin'?"
"Oh, you know, me and Sam and the rest of the egobisons."
by Adolfo Lambert July 18, 2006
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