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The act of an individual being stupid or it can be used as a adjective to describe a persons persona.
Guy 1: Dude, Kim Kardashian would be the best wife to have.
Guy 2: You're an eggass, man.
Guy 1: Yo bro, she pretty cute but there's something off about her.
Guy 3: Yeah, I think she has down's syndrome.
Guy 2: Oh, you mean she's eggass.
Guy 1: Hey, Guy 2, don't you think the Xbox One looks fantastic
Guy 2: You MUST be an eggass.
Guy 3: Yeah man that was pretty eggass of you.
by Uhsiz June 23, 2013
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An asshole that has been repeatedly used for ass egg (a plastic or metal egg shaped sex toy) insertion.
Gavin's egg ass caused him discomfort when he sat down.
by salmon ladder June 06, 2013
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