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When a man gets up quickly, not realizing that one of his testicles has slipped outside of his underwear. The testicle gets a slight squeeze when he moves, causing a flash of pain.
John jumps up from the couch, then groans and grabs at his groin. His friends look at him curiously, asking "What's wrong with you?" John says "Oh fuck, that was a nasty egg press", & limps from the room.
by Lord Morris November 25, 2009
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When a squirrels testicles swell to the size of a baseball and he sits on them like and ottoman...his name automatically becomes such.
Holy shit, did you see eggpress on the fence post? Wow yea, his nuts are out of control...could it be elephantitis? Son of a bitch, did you see eggpress' sack? Its the size of a goddamn watermelon! What the shit? Does he have ball-irritation from them bouncing off of each fence post as he runs? And how? Don't mess with eggpress, he is mad today because his bag is inflamed!
by eggpress August 07, 2006
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