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The western, eastern, and obscure diallects and variations of Eenlish. The language of the Tun by the Tun where G's are either added or removed depending on the variation.

Western Eenlish is the addition of G's to words after the letting N, as long as its not in the begining of the word.

Eastern Eenlish is the removal of G's from words after N's.

Obscure Eenlish words are all of the words that the Tun has mispronounced from the traditional english language.
Western Eenlish words:

Funny -> Fungy
Money -> Mongy

Eastern Eenlish words:

Amazing -> Amazeen
Hang -> Hane
Wang -> Wane

Obscure Eenlish words:

Name -> Nane
Bias -> Biats
Dick Suck -> Duck Sick
Except -> Extept
Judas Priest -> Dujas Priest
Sushi -> Susi
Swimmers -> Swimpers
by tunman June 09, 2009
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