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Ee Shuen is a super kind and sociable girl that everybody loves. She is usually quiet, but after you know her, you see that she is very out-spoken. Ee Shuen also has a very unique voice that everybody loves. Ee Shuen is also very smart, she is one of the top scorers in her school. She always get confessed to by many boys in her school, you can see from that that she is very pretty, kind, smart and most importantly, sexy. She is not a playgirl and had only confessed to a boy which is still with her and was with her for 4 years. She has a very close friend that is a boy, that is planning to confess to her. WE LOVE EE SHUEN.
Ee Shuen is as hot as a pie just out from the oven
by immananoymous March 19, 2018
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