To suggest an answer to a query dealing with a topic/subject that you have not thoroughly studied, basing your answer on the knowledge that you have acquired in the past which relates to the query at hand.
Teacher: Hello student's, you will recall that I taught you that airplanes are the fastest mode of transport, a business man want's to send a parcel to another city very quickly, suggest a mode of transport he should use.
Stupid Student: "But Sir, you never taught us what mode of transport a businessman wishing to send a parcel quickly would use!"
Non-Retarded Student:" I'll make an Educated Guess that the business man would use an airplane to deliver his parcel quickly, as this is the fastest mode of transport.
by Wizzar October 26, 2011
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An educated guess is nothing but a guess except someone wants to pretend they're actually really smart so by virtue of being really smart they'll be more right than someone who didn't use the term "educated guess".
My educated guess is that pianos are black and white because Paul McCartney wrote a song called Ebony and Ivory!
by leDoctor January 11, 2011
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