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A shit hole located in Westfield, NJ. Every member of the staff is a stupid ass wipe dip shit motherfucking retarded prick fuckhead. Every student hates the school it's so obvious. Half the teachers think they're tough because they have the slightest control of their students. They think their students want to be there but in the majority of the students heads they are saying "Go fucking kill yourself" to their teachers. It is a total joke. Math classes there increase suicidal rate, history bores the living shit out of you, Spanish actually isn't that bad, oh wait yeah it is because the teachers suck hard chode! Edison Intermediate School is a giant fucking cum dumpster where low-life sick stupid pricks work.
Man who just gets out of Vietnam: "I will never experience shit like that ever again!"
Man's brother: "Oh yes you will, you have to pick up my son at Edison Intermediate School when I'm away on business"
Man who just gets out of Vietnam: Kills himself before he has to witness the shithole.
by Johnney Rebel May 25, 2018
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