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Used in fighting games such as "Super Smash Brothers" or "Soul Calibur" where there is a boundary. Edge Fucking defines an action when a person would smack an opponent out of bounds with an attack. People that masters the skills to Edge Fucking are usually considered more 1337 than someone that relies on Edge Guarding.
"Wow, Kirby's fan just edge fucked me off of the map!"

"Wow, Talim's throw down just Edge Fucked me off the map!"
by Kevin Ger June 06, 2006
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Some one who is dramatic shocking or different but is trying too hard.

Emos and goths can be edge fucks but so can nearly any one else who is just trying way too hard to be dark and different. Changing your voice to be deeper and 'scary' or doing the kawaii high pitched voice is another thing edge fucks do.
"I love dead pool XD " or "I listen to REAL metal" or "Hi im richard z k" or "I read edgar allan po" or "I bet you havent seen this movie its too obscure and dark" or "LOL I say such crazy things"

"wow you're such an Edge fuck"
by ALL the dicks September 21, 2016
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