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"Eddie Would Go" is a popular Hawaiian phrase that is synonymous with a willingness to take risks and do the right thing, even if it's scary. The phrase comes from the beloved Surfer and Lifeguard Eddie Aikau, who saved over 500 swimmers during his time at Waimea Bay. He braved waves over 30 feet high, and, no matter how bad the surf, would risk his life to save others, which inspired the phrase "Eddie Would Go". In 1978, he was part of a voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti when the canoe sprung a leak. Eddie decided to head out and paddle his surfboard to the nearest island to get help. He was never seen again, and Hawaii launched the biggest air to sea search/rescue mission in it's entire history. The phrase is a staple on Hawaiian t shirts and bumper stickers to this day.

Equivalent, although much more pretentious phrases would be: YOLO, Carpe Diem, Sieze the Day, etc
"Hey, bro, you wanna come cliff jumping with us later?"
"I'm not so sure... That sounds dangerous."
"Come on, Eddie Would Go."
by TotalTrainwreck December 07, 2013
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