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An elk that looks very much like Ed Crankshaft. It often has his head and sports the colors of Centerville High School, black and gold. Its fur is very wooly and yellow toward the back and black on the front. Ed Elks do not have antlers except in the does. They often can be seen skipping around the football field bleating happily.
Ed Elk: Centerville High School won the football game! Rock on, Elks!!

Opal Elk: (shaking her antlers and bleating) Black and gold! Elks on the hunt. We sent you back you dirty bunch of runts!!

Ed Elk: (starts skipping around the field) Watch this. How's this for skipping? Do you think I make a good Elk?

Opal Elk: You certainly are beautiful. Elks are so pretty. Especially Centerville Elks.

Ed Elk: Class of 1943! I graduated from here, you know? Its a great school.

Nelson Elk: You two are so crazy! You are two of the craziest deer I know.

Opal Elk: (bends down to the Nelson Elk and starts rubbing lotion into his fur) Here you go, sweetie. This is how an Ed Elk shows love.
by Dusty's Baby Powder April 10, 2011
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