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The sport of reverse Geocaching, instead of using a GPS to find little boxes and write your little name on little pieces of paper, you use a GPS to ruin a geocachers day. Find the cache, take the cache, destroy the cache, wait for a geocacher to look for hours only to leave empty handed, empty hearted, and prepared to leave some nasty feedback about the cache. That is, when his mom picks him up, brings him home, he has finished eating all of his spinach, and his little brother (age 23) is done hogging the computer all day playing world of warcraft.
Ecotracher 1 "Dude why are there always tons of geeks wandering around in the woods by the park?"

Ecotracher 2 "Yeh, whats up with that, should we do sell them some schwag?"

Ecotracher 3 "No, those are geocachers, lets get some PBR, and go ecotraching.
by The Ecotracher February 19, 2010
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