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A Homosexual that thinks the environment will come to an end if he uses plastic bags. They usually ride bikes with spandex pants to lower pollution and also do other homosexual things like drink coffee out of mason jars to save a paper cup.
Look at that EcoFag Riding a Speed bike with spandex and clip in shoes.

Is that an Ecofag Using recyclable grocery bags?
Look at that fag drinking coffee out of a mason jar.
Ecofags are usually in their 30's.
by JSIGS November 11, 2009
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Ecofags are gender-nonspecific, hemp wearing, tree hugging hippies hellbent on saving the planet and not consuming anything with a face. All set to a soundtrack by Phish.
Look at those ecofags over there handing out flyers for the organic craft fair.
by Spongebob_nopants July 28, 2005
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