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A Pretty Poor Pharmacy. they are currently being bought out buy Right Aid. We get Payed Like shit and work in a Place here White people think there Black and Steal Condoms. The Managers never give you anything to do so your stuck just standing there at the register all night. you have to deal with old people and jews. There is a fat bitch there named Patty. She doesn't drive a car and every one has to drive her to work. she's about 65 years old. Although she doesn't have a car she has a tank in her garage. she was also in the air force. she drives her Appatchey Helicopter all around the store and guns down rice pickers. when she gets angry she takes out her tank and fuck you better get outa the fucking way or shell put a fucking cap in your ass.

pretty Much Eckerds is A Fucking Shit Hole
Employee 1: Yo U wanna Go To Eckerd Pharmacy and Pop Some Skittles
employee 2: Fuck Yea. That Store is such shit
Employee 1: Good Thing We Have are discounts so we can rob that store outa like 2 dollars Shit what fucking shit fest that store is
by lilspringer April 27, 2007
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