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A white suburban male and/or female who insists on acting like black "Ghetto" youth donning the stereotypical clothing( i.e. sideways baseball cap,Pants falling down to reveal their boxers ) and the all too common "Black-Cent". Also, referring to each other as "Nigga" and/or "Dawg" even though if they were in a real Ghetto, they would get pummeled beyond recognition. Female Ebona-Wannabe's are usually overweight and/or homely white women who dress like "Hoodrats" by wearing excessive makeup and jewelry, wearing a "Weave" in their hair usually consisting of braids and/or cornrows. Unlike the male Ebona-Wannabe, the female will often don a Hispanic accent to seem more "Puerto Rican" without actually knowing how to speak Spanish. Verrrrry nauseating behavior!!!! See "Wigger".
Bro, don't you hate when these kids try to act all "Ghetto?"
Yes, and the "PC" term is Ebona-wannabe....
by QbanThunder March 06, 2011
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