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A highly infectious agent with a 90% mortality rate. First discovered in 1976, it has an incubation period of 7-10 days. After the incubation period, the host suddenly becomes depersonalized, the internal organs begin to hemorrhage, the epidermis begins to fill up with blood, resulting in the skin almost coming off. The internal intestines hemorrhage, resulting in a sloughing of the gut, and every orifice (including the anus) begins to seep blood. It can only be spread through liquids, including mist in the air.
Britney: I am learning about how deadly ebola is, I sure hope I don't catch it, it has a mortality rate of 90%!
John: You must be thinking of Ebola Zaire. Don't worry, it can only be spread through direct contact with the blood, or through water particles in the air.
by Randomfart4 June 03, 2016
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