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A J-Pop group that interestingly consists of a majority of Japanese AV Idols, a.k.a. women in Japan who participate in pornographic material.
Some big name AV idols are in this group, such as Sora Aoi, Akiho Yoshizawa, and Rio.
Most of these women are a little too mature to be in something like J-Pop, which is seen as something teenage girls usually do.

Sometimes their songs, while for the most part decent and upbeat, contain sexual innuendos, such as "Banana Mango High School". Try to piece two and two together.
While a large portion of their fans consist of Japanese men who, maybe fap to their AVs, they have fans who just like them because of what they bring to the J-Pop scene, in terms of music and such.
They get bagged on by other J-Pop groups because they are seen as obscene and vulgar.
Haters gonna hate.
I am a fan of the Ebisu Muscats, not because they consist of AV idols, but because I like J-Pop.
by L4verra February 28, 2012
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