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Eathon is a guy that you will never regret meeting. He may seem strange and unbearable the first time you meet him, but I swear that he is the funniest person in the world. Sometimes he may be a little creepy, but who isn't? That's something I love about Eathon, he's so unique. He has the cheesiest smile and you can't help but to smile as well. Eathon is an adorable dude though.. Like, you have this strange feeling that you really want to be with him, you don't know why exactly, you just do. Not many people know an Eathon, and if they do, they don't really talk to them a lot. Eathon deserves a lot of friends, but people don't realize that. If you ever come in contact with an Eathon, be grateful. They're great friends and are so caring.
1: "Hey, why is his name spelled so weird?"
2: "Whose name? Eathon's?"
1: "Yeah. I don't get it."
2: "I mean.. I don't know. His name is unique as his personality. He's a cool person once you get to know him, just don't judge him that quickly."
by Alegsauce March 03, 2014
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