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Easton High Talbot County Maryland
One of the worst schools.
A mixed school of preppy white kids, wannabe gangstas, and some inbetween. The kids that have lived there all their lives don't know any better, but this school is strict, and I guess the only thing left to say is it takes it up the butt. The teachers are fine. They come to EHS because they make more money due to the taxes payed out by the wealthy portion of Easton. The administration is ridiculous... If you attend Easton, you know Mrs. Maderos is a dike, the policies enforced are god aweful and completely broken and unfair, and Dr. Thurber's daily morning bullshit doesn't inspire a single person to do better. In fact, I think saying,"Learn a lot, this is an academic institution...," every morning makes students want to fail every class just to spite him. However, students know that if they fail, they can give up any hopes of getting out of the god forsaken town. Talbot county is very rich. As a new start, they gave the freshmen and following years laptops. They are a nuisance and a distraction from any school work. Anyone who disagrees has their head too far up their ass to realize that the amount of blocks and restrictions on them makes them useless. Plus, it's a way for them to monitor your actions. Every site you go to, every program you open, any video you download is being recorded from the server and sent to those tech douche bags. This is to monitor your "online safety". In other words, they want to take away your freedom.
The policies in the school are unjust. One kid can go to "checkmate" (which is rather fun) for playing games on a computer, and then a student who skips class our ditches school gets the same punishment.
The Town of Easton is perfect for the retired. It's quite, by the bay, and completely boring. The things they have to entertain the youth of Easton are the movies, filled with kids looking to start fights with anyone at anytime. Also there is a bowling alley, which doesn't give a damn about kids. They kick out anyone who doesn't bowl, and when you talk back, they cus you out. What else? If your lucky you might go to a house party or go to a friends house and get drunk or high. Besides this, there is nothing to do. The town is worthless, the school is horrible, and the people who run it suck.
Easton High School is hell and I'd rather suffocate myself than spend more than 4 years at this school
by this place called February 07, 2006
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