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The shitty, white-trash side of Connecticut (except some parts of the shore). All of the illiterate hicks there like the Red Sux, claim CT is part of the Boston area(it definitely is NOT), smell like shit, suck at all sports, and are insanely enviously of those of us in the west who do not live in vinyl prefab housing. They show their animosity by being hateful and completely rude to any Yankee fan, wealthy person, and otherwise civilized being. They also attempt to use fake Boston accents, which sounds horrible enough; this further excentuates their stupidity.
Hick from Eastern Connecticut: Hey look at the rich kid- he has shoes and ooooh an alligator on his shirt, what a loser- Go Sox!
Me: Did I give you persmission to talk to me trailer trash?
Hick: Go Sox! (Drooling)
Me and my friends: What a fucking retard- these people seriously need to kill themselves.
by i pwnd ur mom June 10, 2007
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