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Where kids go if they get rejected from UConn, but still go up to UConn to party.
Eastern Connecticut State University is located in the northeast in Willimantic, Connecticut. It has 17 Division III varsity sports and is the third oldest public university in the state.
by filmguy619 March 19, 2011
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A small state school located a few miles from UCONN in Storrs. ECSU is in Willimantic, a town riddled with heroin, but although most college kids shit their pants near a local, they are mostly not bad people. I know, if their skin color is different, you think you're gonna get robbed. You act hard as shit but then you don't dare go anywhere near Hotshots for a bar. Cuz all the locals hate us.

The campus is very nice and honestly have an outstanding faculty. Unfortunately such an asset is diminished by a student body of largely whining and complaining drunks. Many of them complain about how hard their classes are and they would much rather dress up all trashy go to Blarney's on thursday night and get face fucked in the bathroom by a rugby player who is an sports management major. Talk about becoming a high school gym teacher. Have fun with that bro when your stupid whore of a girlfriend realizes her tits are sagging she doesn't even want to put out anymore.

As with any school there are always niches that you will find yourself in. With this particular school though, be prepared for a bunch of assholes and loads of trashy vile sluts that after you bang them, you hope your dick doesn't fall of from an STD. So make sure to triple wrap.

And rugby is lame. Get over yourselves
Slut: That rugby player face fucked me in the bathroom at blarneys.

Person 1: Yo I think I my dick is becoming gangrene.

Person 2: OH man did you face fuck a chick at Eastern Connecticut State University on Thursday night? You're fucked
by 5hibby March 09, 2011
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