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Easter Kraken are kind of kraken, that live around mariana's trench. They generally grow up to about 80 meters long (including tentacles) and about to 50 tons heavy. the largest ever was 140 meters and 90 tons. They have a rabbit like face and ears, but have about 5 beaks in one. When they are first born, they have no tentacles. Every summer they will grow one or two tentacles. They are extremely aggressive. and will deliberately destroy ships and people without having the need to. They enjoy stabbing any of their 60 meter tentacles through a man's torso. They can smash a ship entirely and destroy a village easily.
Ship crew: Sir, Captain! Bad newz.... The Easter Kraken is here!
Captain: Wat! Za YEAster Graken!??! Ready The cannons!
by The lolsnap crapple top April 10, 2015
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