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Small nowhere, know nothing town, just north of Lancaster City, PA... known simply for the strip of car dealerships that separates Park City mall from the Manheim Auto Auction, and the relatively low crime, low class, low style of living, where a family can raise either a dull complacent standardized child, or a ADD maniac drug addict with far too much time on the hands. Some notable highlights: Gargano's Pizzeria and Deli (where at one time punk kids could get a slice and a bag), Root's Farmer's Market (where at one time punk kids could get salt and vinegar fries and a machete), the Park (where at one time punk kids got a squirrel high)
East Petersburg anthem:
back down, I come strait outta cracktown
ready rock central, R-O-C
can you see the E P, here the sounds, feel the beat
I'm talkin corner of state and main st.
people from all over hempfield
recognize the real deal
lower middle class appeal
they say our town has got no riches, and no bitches
and these are all things that I misses
but that ain't what life's all about
so head on over to the park, with my boys
and have yourself a smoke out
by YanRa13 February 18, 2011
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