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An incredibly competitive public high school that is supposed to be very good but has many problems underneath the façade of high quality education and great test scores. Populated by Nike-covered preps, Chaco-wearing hippie wannabe's, and Ugg-sporting white girls, East is ruled with an iron fist (except when multiple fights break out in the same week and students overdose in school bathrooms). You’re lucky if you find a bathroom not covered in flies breeding off of dirty toilet water, and even luckier if there are still paper towels; meanwhile, the stall graffiti describing the school as a ‘hell hole’ is very accurate. Don't worry, though -- the drugs are plentiful and supposedly high end.
It is looked down on to not take AP classes and SAT scores determine your self-worth. There are some amazing teachers, but also some terrible teachers who should have lost their jobs before they even got hired but unfortunately have survived to ruin students’ enjoyment of subjects as well as their test scores. There are clear social groups separating Honors and AP students from others.

If you enjoy watching teenagers drive luxury cars bought for them by their parents, set up a picnic blanket at the entrance to the parking lot before and after school. Spots are $5 each and the proceeds will go towards replacing broken water fountains and financing the restoration of terrible athletic fields. A new pimped-out golf cart is also needed for the security guard to keep up the school’s image.
"You go to East Chapel Hill High School? Can I come over later and smoke a joint while we study BC Calc and then you can drive me home in your brand new BMW? Thanks, bro."
by whatevenisawildcat June 23, 2015
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A cool, but unrealistically competitive and smart school where all the guys wear nikes and high socks. Also where people feel dumb if they don't take AP classes, and Republicans are probably more nonexistent than dinosaurs.
In other words, a relatively rich public high school in Chapel Hill, NC.
God, I can't believe those East Chapel Hill High School people. They think a 2300 on the SAT is bad.
by youraveragechipmunk May 11, 2011
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