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A tiny white flight town minutes outside of Philadelphia. Lower middle class at best, east lansdowne boasts a fleetingly low number of intact white families. Filled with what used to be mostly catholic Irish, Italian and German families known for creating more children than they could reasonably afford. Most kids dream of moving somewhere "better" such as Clifton heights where many of them go on to buy shitty starter homes. There is not much (anything) to do, therefor underage drinking, walking around, cigarette smoking and loitering are prevalent among it's teenage population. If you have a pool or permissive parents then your house is a likely meet up point. Laced with wiggers but a surprising number of well-bred children go on to obtain proper careers and become high functioning adults.
Me: I'm from East Lansdowne.
Everyone in delco: Wait, where?
by YeahItsWhoYouThinkItIs February 26, 2012
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