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Ear jizz is the dried or leftover shampoo, soap, or conditioner one forgets to wipe off the ears after a shower resulting in what looks like jizz or Ben Affleck in something about Mary.
Dude1: what is that white creamy stuff in your ear.

Dude2: Oh thats just some shampoo

Dude1: No man, I think someone shot a load in your ear while you were sleep!
Dude2: Fuck No! Here smell it!
Dude1: Hell no! Im not smelling your ear jizz!
by jhustla January 06, 2010
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The not-so-distant, hipper and cooler cousin of Eargasm who originates the most jizzmatic city in the world which is London, which is the act of orgasming upon hearing something, usually guitar riffs.
Karen: What the hell is that woman doing in the living room, Kel? There's something wrong with her face.

Kel: Who... Ella? She's watching Muse on Youtube.

Karen: Shit... I think she's earjizzing.
by DeadDolleh July 05, 2009
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