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Eagle Point Housing is a housing area at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

The houses are built cheaply. The windows are shoddy, cheap, and installed incorrectly. Cold air seeps in the windows and the majority of them cannot be closed properly.

The front room upstairs is impossible to heat or cool. It is freezing in winter and blazing in summer.

There is one playground in Eagle Point for the children of Service Members to play on. This playground is filthy, with broken glass and litter covering it.

Thug teenagers hang out on the playground and terrorize family members and kids who try to use the playground. They talk dirty, curse, and refuse to let small kids play on the equipment. When you ask them to move, they curse you and you are hoping they don't know where you live and key your car...or worse.

Service Members and their families beg the housing company and the command of FLW to clean and maintain the playground, but it stays a dirty.

Other Military Installations have pools, or multiple playgrounds in their housing areas, and try to provide a decent housing area for Service Members and their families.

Not Eagle Point.

Also, there was a huge gang fight in Eagle Point last summer. The Military Police had the main road closed off and a ton of MPs trying to break up the fight. It looked like a riot.
"When I moved on post at Eagle Point Housing at Fort Leonard Wood, I knew that no housing situation was perfect and was just happy to get on post. But after my son got his bike stolen off our porch-(the second night after we moved in),my daughter fell at the playground and got a piece of glass in her palm, and we had to buy a space heater to keep our room warm because the windows don't close and it is 29 degrees out, I am wondering if that doublewide in Dixon might have been the better choice?"
by Combat Killer February 09, 2013
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