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1. A FAIL several orders of magnitude greater than an Epic Fail. Reserved for only the most mind-bogglingly stupid acts a human is capable of. Raises (or lowers) the bar for FAIL, setting a new standard.

A person who commits an Exponential Fail, unless the Hand of God is involved somehow, likely does not survive the act, and they will serve as an example of what NOT to do for countless generations to come, worldwide.

Background: This term was coined when the act of 'Flashblooding' was discovered. 'Flashblooding' is practiced in African countries, usually slums near major cities.

It involves a drug addict injecting him/her-self with the blood of another addict who just got high in an effort to stave off the effects of withdrawals or in an effort to 'share the high', thereby voluntarily opening themselves up to a wide range of uncurable, deadly diseases.

Mbobo: Can I gits a hit off o' yo crack pipe?
Jenkem: No. I only gots enuf fo me.
Mbobo: Can I's habs summa yo blood so I can git high too?
Jenkem: No. I gots da AIDS and da Hepatitis.
Mbobo: Dats okay. I ain't been high in 3 days... I needs me sumtin.
Jenkem: No, dammit! (passes out)
Mbobo takes blood anyway and injects himself, knowing he has committed himself to a long, slow, painful, lingering death, setting both a new standard for stupidity and inadvertantly launching the phrase: EXPONENTIAL FAIL.
by Ariovistus July 14, 2010
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