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You are currently living in misery in a converted seminary at Boston College. You have been completely cut-off from all contact with the outside world. There is no internet, no cable, no phone and no escape. You live with two roommates in a room the size of a handicap bathroom and you all share a desk on which no one does any work whatsoever. Everything you own is currently underwater and you enjoy reminding people of it so they feel bad for you. There are 100 displaced New Orleans students living in your know 4 of them and only like 2. Everyone's name is posted on their bedroom door yet you choose not to learn any of their names and simply refer to them as other refugees. Anti-socialism has become a movement and you are its biggest supporter. You have no friends who are official BC students and hate meeting any one that is because it requires a sitdown hour long heart-to-heart just to explain why you've been wearing the same outfit for the past two weeks. When people ask you where you're from you have stop and think whether to say Tulane or your hometown or the seminary across the street. You've been harrassed by drunk Loyola boys from the second floor who don't remember who you are when they're sober and never seem to leave the building. You wake up sweating in the middle of the night after having had a nightmare about Father Woods' laugh. It takes you 20 minutes to walk to campus, where you are once again reminded that you don't have any friends that go to this school and you probably never will.
You are EVS at BC if Hurricane Katrina is the bane of your existence.
by Refugee from NOLA September 14, 2005
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