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EPIC MeLLOW is a YouTube channel/group channel. The channel was made by B.J. Estep Jr also known as mellow. The channel consist of a vlog series called MGB VLOGS. Mellow also does reactions,skits,vlogs,ect. The channel features the band members of bjs band. Bill Tackett,Kevin Elswick. So basically epic mellow is behind the scenes of Bj,Kevin,and bills band "October Red".
Person 1: have you watched the epic mellow channel
Person 2:yes it made my brain cells go away
Person:1 YAYYY
by Mrawesomedude June 08, 2017
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YouTube channel/Youtuber made by Billy Joe Estep Jr. EPIC MeLLOW is mostly known by his loudish ADHD personality. He is also known to do reaction videos. The epic mellow channel is also known by the partners such as Ethan Bentley and Kevin Elswick
Person 1:hey you need to look up epic mellow
Person 2:okay

3 minutes later
by Mr.Awsesomedude July 08, 2016
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