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Emotramp is a term used by Colliery Yoots to identify a being of mysterious origin. The Emotramp normally a timid creature can be angered when threatened with an un-groomed fringe covering the right eye. In this Situation the Emotramp will use its natural defense mechanism of the DISCO-FISTand a high pitch SONAR SQUEEL which can only be understood by the SEACOW or common MANATEE. If faced with this life threatening situation, drop to the ground, collect yourself in a fetal position and protect your face and ears. The Emotramp will normally be armed with Such accessories as THE PUMPS, The Hair extension, The Afgani Trany (which is a head/neck scarf used to shield an emo's Identiy) Various items used to decorate the fringe area & a Frankie goes to Hollywood t-shirt. The Emotramp is also an unfortunate creature which is 'Decadely Challanged' and is unable to pull herself out of the eighties.....
Me: 'Hey did you see the Emotramp coming out of the hairdressers this morning?'
Becs: 'Hell yeah......i felt like i had stepped into a timewarp!'
Me: 'Oh No you didn't make any sudden movements around the barnet did you?'
Becs: Oh cheers tell me this now.......she's already stole my Curly Wurly and chased me down the street packing a pair of travel GHD's and some Ultra Hold Hairspray'
by Lt.biscuits November 04, 2007
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